Raise your hand if you’re a failure.

Hi, I’m Laurie Ruettimann. I’m the founder and CEO of GlitchPath. We’re an early-stage startup that’s focused on collaboration, communication and project management. We are successful when we help people discover insights about the way they work.

If you’re a failure and can admit it, we’d love to learn more about you.

As a remote team, we don’t offer snacks or full-service child care. We do offer an environment where you can experiment with new ideas, work with diverse people and help companies tackle failure. If you have skills and a desire to reboot your life, we might be a perfect fit for you.

Posted 3 weeks ago

GlitchPath is looking for a technical leader who is ready for a profound change in life. Do you know someone who is tired of Tim Ferriss podcasts, bullshit statements on culture, and unfulfilled promises on diversity and inclusion? Point us in the direction of someone with entrepreneurial dreams, and who is sick and tired of taking orders from people who lack imagination and a decent work ethic.

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