Maybe We Can Collide at the Collision Conference in New Orleans

Are you skeptical when you see glowing announcements about conferences and industry events?

We’re extremely skeptical. Wait, scratch that, we are cynical. When event planners tell us they’re working on the fastest-growing tech conference in America, or that they’re planning the newest version of SXSW, we don’t believe them. That’s because the founding team at GlitchPath has a long and storied history in the world of marketing. We know bullshit when we see it.

In the case of the Collision Conference on May 2-4 in New Orleans, we’re setting at least part of that cynicism aside. The conference, which attracts investors and dreamers in the startup and tech community, seems noisy and frenetic. But two of the founding members of GlitchPath are writers and seasoned conference veterans who are fascinated by the stories that emerge when alcohol and entrepreneurial optimism collide. We’re down for the challenge of staying relatively sober and moving our company forward.

So if you’ll be at the Collision Conference, we want to meet you. We’re working hard to commercialize an online premortem. What the heck is a premortem? It’s a fancy way of describing a tool that helps people make better decisions. Also we’re looking for a technical co-founder. Here’s the position description.

We’d love to connect and learn what you are doing. The event is enormous, and Laurie Ruettimann and Mary Ellen Slayter will be making the rounds. It’s too random to expect to find us in the crowd, but if you want to meet up, send us an email at or text us at 919.999.8974 and we’ll set up some time.

See you there!

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