GlitchPath Technical Cofounder

We’re Looking for a Technical Co-Founder

You are a technical leader who is looking for a profound change in life. You are tired of Tim Ferriss podcasts, fake statements on culture, and unfulfilled promises on diversity and inclusion. You have entrepreneurial dreams, and you’re tired of taking orders from people who lack imagination and a decent work ethic.

My team wants to meet you because we are looking for a technical co-founder.

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We have an idea, an online premortem, that’s been validated by a large body of research. GlitchPath helps users imagine failure before it happens and then work backward to plan for success.

GlitchPath has three parts.

  • A self-assessment tool to help users see risks and blindspots.
  • A collaborative component where project managers, team leaders, or executives can aggregate those confidential self-assessments and understand broader risks and trends.
  • A recommendations engine/marketplace to help you beat failure.

We have an MVP built on Django and written in Python. It has a javascript front-end. We use a highly customized Bootstrap theme that allows future versions to be more responsive. We employ fuzzywuzzy to condense user data, and we created a proprietary sentiment map with NLTK.

We want users to solve their own problems and move from learned helplessness to action. Our next version could be in the form of an app, a gamified app, or a B2B enterprise software application.

Our founding team has expertise in B2B marketing, operations, finance and human behavior. We believe in radical candor without creating a hostile work environment. Our culture is progressive, discerning and mature. We have fulfilling personal lives, and we try not to waste time. What we are missing is a technical co-founder who can be a partner and help us dream, build, and iterate quickly on user feedback.

Give us a shout if you are done fucking around on Product Hunt and you’re ready to work on an idea that helps people beat failure.

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