How we fight failure  down-arrow

There’s nothing new about failure.

We fail at work and in our personal lives. We aren’t brave and bold when the universe demands action. We fail in significant ways, we fail in mediocre ways, and most of us fail dozens of times before we get the message to try something new.

The latest management trend is to consider failure as a joyous rite of passage. It’s something to be celebrated instead of feared.

We here at GlitchPath think that’s stupid. We fight failure. And we can help you do it, too.

We’re creating a premortem platform so you can assemble your team and beat failure. Sign up now for a beta invite.

The biggest obstacle to success is the thing that dogs us all: shame

Laurie Ruettimann will help you overcome the universal forces of failure — the known and unknown circumstances that work to defeat you before you even get started. She’ll teach you the techniques of postmortems, premortems, and why it’s better to sit in a foxhole and fight the good fight with defensive pessimists instead of strategic optimists. She’ll help your team grow comfortable with consuming failure while understanding that the biggest obstacle to success is the thing that dogs us all: shame.

Project management. Task management. Time management. Most tools help you manage project outcomes. We help you beat failure. GlitchPath is the only platform for companies and teams to overcome failure fast. We analyze your project hiccups and micro-failures and offer a failure assessment. Share it with your team, integrate it with your project management software or stare failure right in the face.